AATP Inaugural Webinar

Wednesday - August 12, 2020 at 12:00 pm (CST)

Presenters: Narges Nematollahi, University of Arizona

Azin Behzadi, Georgetown University

Panels & Roundtables

August 2020

AATP Panel: Persian Second Language Acquisition

August 26, 10:30 - 12:00 

Latifeh Hagigi: Communicative, Task-Based, and Content-Based Approaches to Persian Language Teaching 

Ali R. Abasi: Second Language Writing in Persian

Nahal Akbari: Assessment in Persian Language Pedagogy

Asghar Seyed-Ghorab: Teaching Persian Ghazals, the Merits and Challenges

AATP Panel: Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages: From Theory to Practice

August 26, 12:15 - 1:45

Reza Falahati: The Acquisition of Pragmatic Feathers by Persian L2 Speakers

Anousha Shahsavari: Reading Persian: Parallel Engagement Teaching to Serve Integrated Approach

Mohamad Esmaili Sardari: The Persian Language Educator's Role in Developing Effective Blended Language Learning

AATP Roundtable: Poetry, Culture and Technology in the Persian Language Classroom

August 26, 3:30 - 5:00

Marjan Seirafi-Pour: Using Poetry Memorization as a Teaching Tool

Alyeh Mehin Jafarabadi: Material Design: The Challenge of Culture

Latifeh Hagigi: Material Design: The Challenge of Culture

Pooneh Paydar: Using Technology to Harness Motivation of Persian Language Learner 

Mahbod Ghaffari: Graded Readers and Language Teaching

Shervin Emami: Connecting Today's Memes and TV Shows to Persian Language and Poetry, Speaking the Language of Z Generation

AATP Roundtable: Learner-Centered Persian Language Instruction

August 26, 5:15 - 6:45 

Soheila Kian: How To Respond to Students' Writing and Speaking: Fossilized Errors 

Saera Kwak: Flipped and Cooperative Learning in Elementary Persian Class for Korean Learners

Ramin Sarraf: Utilization of Neologisms in Teaching and Assessment of Advanced Persian: A Sociolinguistic Approach

AATP Panel: Sociolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Aspects of Teaching and Learning Persian

August 27, 10:30 -12:30

Mahbod Ghaffari: Persian Interlanguage

Azita Mokhtari: Language Learning Strategies

Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi: Teaching and Learning the Formulaic Language in Persian

Negar Davari Ardakani: Persian as a National Language, Minority Languages and Multilingual Education in Iran

AATP Panel: Teaching Persian

August 27, 12:15 - 13:45 

Anousha Sedighi: Creating Learner-Centered Web-Based Material for Persian at Advanced/Superior Levels

Zahra Etebari Shekarsaraei: A Comparative Study of Gender Representation in Male-Authored vs. Female-Authored Textbooks for Teaching Persian as a Second Language

Alyeh Mehin Jafarabadi: Material Design: The Challenge of Culture


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