The American Association of Teachers of Persian is a non-profit, professional organization whose objective is to advance and improve the study and teaching of the Persian language and culture; to promote research in the field of Persian language, linguistics, and literature; to further the common interests of teachers in the field; and to facilitate communication and professional cooperation among its members.


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AATP Annual General Meeting, Thursday November 14 (in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting) - New Orleans, Louisiana

AATP Annual Meeting
November 14, 2019
3-4:30 p.m.
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

Napoleon Ballroom

500 Canal St.

New Orleans, LA

Meeting Notes – 2018 Annual Meeting 

Meeting Notes – AGM – August 14, 2018
The American Association of Teachers of Persian Meeting Agenda
August 14, 2018 AIS Conference Irvine, CA

New Executive Board (Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi, Michelle Quay, and Parvaneh Hosseini)

Attendees: Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi, Michelle Quay, Parvaneh Hosseini, Elahe Amiri, Mehrzad Mohit, Fahime Guran, Alyeh Mehin, Michael Hillmann, Ramin Sarraf, Azita Mokhtari, Mehrak Kamali, Peyman Nojoumian, Soheila Kian, Aida Melika (future member), Behzad Namazi, Mana Tabataba’i, Paxima Mojavezi, Anousha Sedighi, Farima Mostowfi, Latifeh Hagigi, Sahba Shayani, Shervin Emami, Haideh Sahim, Marjan Seirafi-Pour

  1. New Executive Board – Transferring Bank Account BoA
    Decided to remove names of previous executive board from the BoA bank account and add the names of the new executive board.

  2. Reinstating the Non-Profit Status of the AATP
    Forms submitted to DCRA
    Fees paid for reinstatement

  3. AATP Office Locations
    Voted to change the AATP address to Farima Mostowfi – Passed with Quorum + 4
    Famira Mostowfi accepted, the registered institution has changed from George Washington University to Georgetown University

  4. AATP Website Update
    AATP Website updated by Peyman Nojoumian on a voluntary basis
    Added a section for recent publications by members, from 2010 on
    Another section will be added for articles by members, encourage members to send their publication information
    Found someone to redo the graphic design of the website as a volunteer
    Peyman is fine to continue doing normal updating etc. for free – THANKS PEYMAN!
    We are considering allocating a budget for a security SSL – annual renewal in order to secure the database, $50 – 200 per year

  5. Report on Membership
    20 individual members, 2 institutions
    Encourage everyone to approach their institutions about this

    Discussion: Members from Iran? – Should we allow members from Iran to join for free?
    People expressed hesitation at making them full members – worried about sanctions / also the fact of not paying. Suggest instead calling them Friends of the Association or Members at Large and charging no fee
    No clear conclusion here, we’ll discuss further and/or consult a lawyer before making any moves

  6. Plan for next year’s meeting
    MESA + ACTFL – Alternate the conference panels
    AATP 2019 – MESA (New Orleans, LA – November 14-17, 2019)
    AATP 2020 – ACTFL (San Antonio, TX – November 19-22, 2020)
    Members came to a consensus regarding alternating the conference between MESA and ACTFL in upcoming years when the AIS Conference is not the United States
    If budget allows we will become annual members of both MESA and ACTFL

  7. Report on Financial
    $1100 raised since May 2018
    $340 is allocated for recovering the tax status
    $1408 in bank rolled over from previous board’s tenure

  8. Next Year’s Lifetime Achievement Award – John Perry (2019) and Dr. Ghanoonparvar (2020) – already nominated from prior years
    $300 will be allocated for covering a portion of travel

  9. Fundraising
    Approach Roshan, MS. Bita Daryabari, STARTALK, Farzaneh family

  10. List host / Email List and Finances
    Members of the list host who do not pay fees will be cut from the list host after a specified deadline

  11. Facebook page
    Update page, have a dedicated member whose job is to post and keep it active
    Suggestions from Peyman Nojoumian:
    Special Interest Groups – World Standards for Language ACTFL – Getting Standard for Persian Language – Requires 60 ACTFL members
    Charge money for advertisements
    Revive annual newsletter


Respectfully Submitted,
AATP Executive Board
Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi
Michelle Quay
Parvaneh Hosseini